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Usually refers to the player is

able to play digital signals stored in the form of video mattress machine or audio files of the software, but also smart tv box refers to a video or audio file playback function internet tv box Electronics products. Apart from a few wave files, most of the players carry the decoder to restore compressed media files, but also built-in player Set the switching frequency and a buffer algorithm. Measure of balance Amount of a good or bad player software from the kernel, interactive interface and playback mode three aspects. Core mainly refers to decode buffer, frequency conversion, hdd media player Many algorithms involving sound, interactive user interface, mainly refers to the external interface of interacting with the software, play mode mainly refers to the manner in which players play which Some songs play in order to meet users' habits and play psychology. Kernel interface, playback mode three aspects in the design of the player according to the degree of attention Times decrease. As well as most of the players are very similar to the playback mode. In order to improve the extension, personalized interface, android tv box most players support third-party plug-ins. Classification Player of the variety, commonly used big player as follows: Audio player TTPlayer, Foobar2000, one hundred hunting, WinMP3Exp, Winamp, KuGoo, mp3, songs players. Winamp Winamp TTPlayer TTPlayer Video player New speed video, PotPlayer, Cat Fan (MoreFunTV), Thunder look, chameleon universal player, KMPlayer, brightly internet tv playerinternet tv player colored Phantom, Storm , The super rabbit happy video, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, Nora (QVOD), QQ video, Baidu video, days Days of video, and so on. Baidu Baidu video video digital signage Network television special Flies video, Thunder look, PPlive, ppstream, the boiling point of network television, QQlive, CBox and so on. Thunder Thunder look Web player Web Player is a web plug-in, making a good run after the page, it will call the system comes with WindowsMedia player to play pre-set Good songs. Flash Player Adobe Flash Player and so on. Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash Player Development using the media player (whether offline or online player player) home users from January 2000 to 33.2 million soared to January 2001 to 41.7 million. In the work of professionals using the media player over the past year the number of users increased by 34.9% in January 2000 to 11.6 million Increased in January 2001 to 15.7 million. RealNetworks' media player not only in the lead on coverage for home users at work to use their digital advertising professional users player Amount to 10.5 million digital signs of the public media transmitters highest ranking of the first user. As of January 2001, the use of RealNetworks media player designed Business users representing an increase of 52.1%, while in the work using WindowsMedia Player and QuickTime Player two media professional users Rose by 39.9% (9,000,000) and 8.5% (1.9 million). MP3 player MP3 player RealNetworks' media player in the market, the sub-quota increase, in part be attributed to it and AOL - Time Warner agreement. According to Agreement, AOL - Time Warner provides users with the latest version of RealPlayer software AOL6.0 been designated as the only built-in media player . After signing pos display the agreement, only two months of November and December last year, an increase of 5.1 million gave RealNetworks users, but also through AOL gradually added to the RealPlayer "to use force," the number is still increasing. However, RealPlayer market potential is still great, released in January this year, according The latest statistics estimate, RealPlayer player, there are at least 25 million households and 10.2 million professional retail display users in the market "gap." MP3 players and other compressed audio player market, whether in sales volume, or in terms of the types of new products are constantly expanding. Player Device [1] According to the International Data Group (IDC) is expected in the hdd player worldwide compressed audio player shipments will grow from 3.3 million in 2000 soared to 2005 26 million units, the average annual increase of up to 51%. International Data Corp. (IDC) consumer products market analyst Susan COVER Ki that: the market for broadcast pressure Compressed audio file player demand will be further expanded. Because of this player and many more flash (flash memory) as the storage medium, and it does not Philippine prices, limited capacity, has led to a growing number of retailers will gaze was cheaper media player, which will provide new product development Bring a broader space for development. Portable media player will dominate the market by 2005, this media player product shipments will Share of global media player market 61%. International Data Corp. (IDC) released in its market analysis report is also expected, as the car media player that can play streaming media network radio And other types of media players will also occupy a place in the market gradually. Multimedia multimedia player can enjoy movies personal computer into the living room, the television broadcast network movie, full of television Family shared wonderful moments of joy. Supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p output resolution. And only can be called up to 1080p high- Qing media player.
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