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Chinese Government Scholarship application

is required to submit the following materials lcd Player : 1. "The Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form" (uniformly printed by the CSC); 2. Notarized highest diploma and academic proof; If applicants are university students or already employed, Photovoltaic cable they should also submit a single school or Bit issued at Magnesium oxide cableschool certificate or proof of service; 3. Study in China for more than 6 months (including 6 months) to be issued by the "Foreigner Physical Examination" (by the Chinese quarantine authority printed); 4. Study or research plan (less than 200 words); 5. Outside China for master or doctoral degree or apply as senior scholars must submit two letters of quilting machine recommendation from professors or associate professors; in Chinese territory for master or doctoral degree, the need to apply the school's admission notice issued; 6. Applicants for music, art professionals about the work I need to submit tapes or photographs; 7. Reading outside of China for undergraduate science and medicine, studying in china the need to be submitted separately by the Chinese Embassy organized physics and chemistry proficiency scholarship in china test transcript or high country In graduate school transcripts, studied economics and management classes for undergraduate mathematics required to submit test scores prove; in China are required to apply for a With relevant certificates and school entrance examination admission notice; 8. Application "Chinese Culture Research Project" are required to submit I have published books and china university papers main directory. assistance, self-financing, recruited patriotic scholars teach. Peking during the fall, many school in Hebei, the three northeastern provinces of the students into the China Scholarship Chinese University, students reaches up to 3,000 people. 1943 School of Arts Act established three colleges, four departments, a research institute, and revised Memorandum. ("Beijing Higher Chi" No. 1115, Huayi Press, 2004) [1] According to the CPC Beijing Municipal Party History Research series "Chinese Revolutionary History Data · China University University of Revolutionary History Calendar of Events" records, How Gong helm Chinese university, to enhance students' national consciousness, national integrity education study in china for students. He expanded Chinese university libraries, and on the walls of the main hall in the museum book pro "read the book at all times CHIKI greater, to any of the nation's mien I learned man" couplets, but also personally selected "Chinese Culture and Education of the State University "one hundred selected text will be the Southern Song Dynasty national hero Wen Tianxiang" Elegy "was china school selected, to students intensive. [1] Peking University is located in China, and the Japanese rear isolated teaching staff of the school meager, hunger and cold, the enemy refused funding. China medical university Chinese universities adhere to the "We are the Chinese people's University of China," and "education and education" school policy, to obtain the patriotic china medical universities intelligentsia occupied areas supported struggle to teach Chinese University of pride, northern youth struggle to studying Chinese University proud. August 1937, the number of tertiary institutions eased Pingjin insist national integrity, do not cooperate with the Puppet teachers have been recruited to repeat itself Gongjiao Chang Chinese University. [1] 1941 US-Japan war, there was some universities closed, Yenching University Qi Si and Hu Lu sound, Dongsun, Yan Meng Qun, Yuan elite, Liru Qi, Peking Union Medical College Chinese medical university Pei Wenzhong, Feng Lanzhou, Zangyu Gan, Xuxi Fan, Xie Shaowen other professors Chinese universities are to teach. Others such as Tsinghua University, Chu Shenglin, Liu Yue, Peking University by Yu, Cai lutetium students, Yan Dongsheng, Peking Normal University, Lu Zongda, Wang Tong age, Nankai University, Tianjin Wen Gongyi, Weng Dujian, King phase, Tang Jixiang, Mengzhao Wei, Sun and, Di-dimensional weeks, Wang Jing as such, They prefer candidates with meager wage to Chinese university professor, refused to have generous treatment Puppet sponsored school office. Repeat itself Gongjiao Zhang war began in enemy territory that is shouldering the task of creating youth, insisted: "The board and the school was no change in all institutions; without enslaving domination, refusing Puppet molecules, favoring loyal person; students free workshops and transported Japanese rear; school documents, never stamped over pseudo-Indian; right to participate in the anti-Japanese underground workers, respectively cover "(see April 15, 1946 in Tianjin," Yishibao "published" Zhongshan University School homecoming Xiaozhang Report " ). [1] Anti-Japanese War, How Gongjiao Zhang united teachers and students to grow and develop the school. [1] After the outbreak of war, Chinese universities by the national government to make continuing education to stay in Peking. As government funding interrupted only by school tuition to maintain. Principal Gong repeat itself deal with the enemy, trying to follow the National Government's educational policy of the school gone out of existence. Teachers endure hunger and cold, not enemies funding, adhere patriotic education of students. In such difficult circumstances, the school has not closed, but to develop. Schools to set up arts, science, Has taught at the University of celebrities zhao, blue male Wu, Li Da, Wu Chengshi, Huang Songling, Cao Jinghua, Yang Xiufeng, Lu Zhenyu. Graduated from the Chinese University of celebrities have Zhaolin, white Acetylating, Qi Yanming, Duan Junyi, Dong Yuhua, Huang Cheng, Ren Zhongyi, Yang Yi Chen, Zhang Youyu, Zhang Zhixiang, Pu Jie Xiu, Xu, Li Dawei, etc. A galaxy of talents, for the moment Sheng. March 1949, China University of closure due to lack of funding, some universities and faculties merged into the North China Normal University, Ministry of Education, schools become office space. Palace compound, has been general affairs, accounting and other institutions.China University of preliminary design four department: Undergraduate,

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