leave the rocket launcher in the hangar

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This allows players to install the strongest weapons and heaviest shields and prowl around outer space like a tank. If that‘s not really your style, then choose smaller weapons and lighter armor and use your increased mobility to your advantage against slower opponents. Here‘s an example: We want a maneuverable ship that can take care of opponents from a close range. At longer distances, heavier opponents could take us out more easily, which is why we‘ve equipped ourselves with plasma flamethrowers, which weighs about a third less than a longer range Vulcan cannon.

We wouldn‘t want to go anywhere without a shield, but we will leave the rocket launcher in the hangar. This leaves us with an extremely fast and maneuverable ship that can dodge enemy fire and travel vast distances quickly. Since no weapons can be mounted on the stern of a ship, this is obviously the opponent‘s weak spot. And since he is so slow to move, we can just position ourselves behind him. All modules are easily distinguishable and, with a steady hand, can be targeted specifically and taken out. Which is of course why we, swift hunter that we are, will first take out the enemy‘s propulsion to make our lives a bit easier. On the other hand, those heavy gunboats, with their strong lasers and rockets, can take quite a beating.

The heavy weaponry makes for huge damage potential, which is especially important in destroying structures. Which is also why larger, heavy ships should not head out without a fighter escort. The modular building system is also used for building clan stations, which start as small habitats and can be expanded to gigantic space complexes. Even capital ships can range from large to gigantic and come in countless varieties in terms of their structure, appearance and weaponry.

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